Flowers in the world of art - Poczta kwiatowa Gdańsk

Flowers in the world of art

Flowers have always been consider as one of the most decorative theme. They are not only the greatest artists’ inspiration, but also the timeless synonym of beauty. This is the main reason why they have their place in most of painters’, architectures’, sculptures’ or even writers’ and musicians’ pieces of art.

Why flowers are so special? How do they gain so important role in history of art? Most people think that beauty is the only reason why flowers are so popular but the answer is not so obvious. There are many beautiful things and places in the world like poczta kwiatowa gdańsk. Waterfalls, diamonds, mountains, oceans, gold…  All of them are associated with beauty but their role in history of art is much smaller than role of even single red rose. What is the secret weapon of flowers? The answer is: emotions.

People have shown their feelings with flowers’ help throughout  the centuries. Kings and Queens’ chambers were decorated with flowers as a sign of power and luxury. Roses have always been the synonym of the “love” word. Tulips are the best company for apologize. And a lily shows innocent of a receiver. 

The combination of beauty, variety and association with human emotions is the key to flowers popularity in different fields of art throughout the centuries.